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Introducing our Squiggly Vase, a captivating blend of fun and sophistication. This vase features a whimsical squiggle design that seamlessly integrates into any interior decor. The smooth, eloquent curves are crafted from high fire porcelain, ensuring a durable, high-quality finish that adds a touch of elegance to your home. Made from earth-derived materials, this vase is a beautiful and eco-friendly choice for your living space.

Whether gracing your mantel, adorning your dining table, or adding charm to a cozy nook, this vase is the perfect statement piece. Its playful yet refined design makes it an ideal addition to both modern and traditional spaces, effortlessly enhancing your home's aesthetic. Meticulously designed and handmade in our Brooklyn studio, the Squiggly Vase reflects our commitment to sustainable craftsmanship and design.

Designs featuring the curved lines are each unique due to the varying placement of the lines, making every piece one of a kind. Embrace its charm and let it bring a playful yet elegant touch to your home.

Squiggly Vase in Patina

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